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Delegates at the LWVMI Convention in May, 2013, voted to update our Education position.  Ever since, the Education Study Committee has worked hard on the update, including consolidating the three current Education Positions.  The Consensus Questions have been completed and approved by the LWVMI Board of Directors, paving the way for Local Leagues to participate in the update.  The following materials are available:

1.  A must-read cover letter and instructions from Fran Hamburg, VP of Program PLUS the Response Form.  Click here. 

2.  The consensus questions.  Click here.

3.  Background papers.  Click here.

4.  Additional resource material concerning public education.  Click here.


Click here to be linked to the study material on the LWVUS website

Considering a local study?  Find the study flowchart here. 

LWVMI Judicial Study/2002 
View the Study here

LWVUS STUDIES: Find information about all LWVUS studies on their website.

Update of LWVUS Agricultural Position:  LWVUS has posted a 'summer' reading list and links to a few websites to get info about the update of the LWVUS Agricultural position.  Click here to view the list.   Consensus is tentatively due April 4, 2014.  .